Type 2 to Type 1 adapter Charge converter cable (T2 mennenkes to T1 or j1772)

$265.00 incl GST

This is a Type 2 to Type 1 EV charge cable that you can use at charge stations. It works with most Japanese imports EV’s and PHEV’s

Most New Zealand public charge points use Type 2(Mennenkes) connection.

So this adapter converts a Type 2 (Mennenkes) free charging station to Type 1 (J1772) so you can use a free charge station.

Good flexible cable that has 32A rating which lets you charge at around 30km of charge per hour.


Length 5m

Current 32A 7.4KW

Single phase

Voltage 230v ac

Specifications: TUV (ICE62196) CE

Waterproof grade IP65

Plug Type

Type 1 J1772 for the car connector

Type 2 Mennenkes charger end.

Good kiwi brand Smart EV

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